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Until PowerArchiver released a free version of their software, ZipGenius was the most powerful free file compressor on the market. However when it comes to selecting all items where there are 20 or more and moving them to another place is harder than it should be. There is no right clicking to select all and you will have one hell of a time trying to just use your mouse to select all items to move them. You must actually use the menu inside ZipGenius to select all files. This to me is a hassle when other free alternatives like PowerArchiver Free and IZArc are simpler. ZipGenius also has the tree-style panel which in my opinion gets in the way instead of making things easier.

All and all for being a very powerful and free file compressor, it is worth a try. Just remember there is now a free version of PowerArchiver on the market that is both simpler and more powerful than ZipGenius.

  • Free
  • High Compression Rates
  • Drag And Drop Is More Difficult Than It Should Be
  • Selecting All Items Is Harder Than It Should Be
  • Tree-Style Panel Makes Things More Complex

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10 Jul 2010

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